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11/05/08 02:04 PM #1    

Felicia Hartman (Glover)

Welcome to the Cupertino High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/28/09 12:26 AM #2    

Brian A. Hazle

ED-RIP, my friend. :`(

05/02/09 08:10 AM #3    

Julie L. Wood (Carabajal)

So when exactly is the reunion?

Thank you Feesh for all the hard work you have put in to all of this!

06/01/09 04:01 PM #4    

Patricia D. Wu (Gee)

Just booked my room for the reunion. Can't wait to see everyone again. Wow...20 years. Just out of curiousity, why are we having the hotel in Santa Cruz..wouldn't it make more sense to be closer to Cupertino or even San Jose?...either way, I'm glad that the reunion is happening. Great job, Felicia and company.

06/02/09 08:51 AM #5    

Jessica L. Reissig (Flacks)

Just got all the details! How exciting! Great hotel--I've stayed there a few times--it should be lots of fun! Can't wait to come back to the bay area and see everyone and have a great weekend in Santa Cruz!

Felicia-it all sounds great! I was starting to think the entire reunion might be a bbq in the park due to lack of funds but this all sounds fabulous! So glad Moto could help us out with the location so we could have a nice party! Great work with little time left and NO money to work with!!!!!

I'll try to help as much as I can from 150 miles away--just let me know what you need.

06/13/09 12:50 PM #6    

Julie L. Wood (Carabajal)

Hey Feesh!
Thanks for geting all this together we really appreciate it. I know its been a lot of work. We are looking forward to being there. I will do whatever I can to help out like Jess. Talk to you soon! Will let you know if we will be out there this summer. We are talking about doing a roadtrip with the kids.

09/22/09 03:08 PM #7    

Elizabeth K. Dillemuth (Gustafson)

Just wanted to send a message thanking Felicia, Jessica, Anne & Brian for their hard work for planning the reunion and picnic without funds from our school.

Thanks to Mo too, for letting us trash - opps - I mean have a great time at his hotel. We aren't in high school anymore.

You guys rock and I can't wait to see everyone.

01/12/15 08:08 AM #8    

Brian A. Hazle

RIP Colby, my Peterson bleacher dipin' bro and a damn talented drummer. Fond memories of those times hangin' with you and Chris. Best wishes to the Scramek clan.

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